This blog follows the adventures of Rosie,
our first puppy, as she gets up to mischief of one kind or another...

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


 It's been a busy time of my pack made me a matching T-shirt with his! I'm just pleased that someone in my pack recognises my Superdog status!

Sometimes, though, my pack is quite silly...

They get me to practice 'Sit - Stay!', I mean it's not as if I don't know how to do it, it's just sometimes there are more important things going on...

At my second agility class, Pack leader took a camera so I could get to show off my new skills...

We started on some hurdles...

....but no one said you needed to jump over them.

Second time lucky

Then there was a tunnel but Pack leader didn't explain very well so the lady in charge had to show her what to do

 Done that... what's next?

You want me to go on that? Why don't you just give me the treats now, it's much easier...

 Ok then...since it's sausages and cheese...

I do like this one...

 I'm king of the castle...
 Now where are those Treats!

It's all very exciting but I do get a bit tired

You see, now that I'm getting older, I understand things a bit better. Now all you young pups out there. Whatever you do, you must remember to train your pack properly
Love, Rosie xxx


  1. so cute, your doggie !
    what is breed is she ?
    i love pets the truly enrich our lives:
    it is proven !!!


  3. Love that blog, my girl, Sissi, still hasn't understood the sense of passing over the hurdles, she always goes around them ..

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