This blog follows the adventures of Rosie,
our first puppy, as she gets up to mischief of one kind or another...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

January white stuff

January was very white... it started while I was out, my packleader looked as blue as her jacket. Now I'm thinking those shoes she bought me during my paw injury might not be a bad idea...

The white stuff continued to fall, it was fun but shivery

and it kept on coming...time for a bounce anyone?

 Can't catch me!
Abbey fish ponds - my favourite stomping ground. It was great but my packleader gets upset with me. I was only sniffing for a minute or twenty before I came back. There is talk of puppy training classes again - I think they mean packleader classes.

No birds or squirrels? I'll bark anyway.

Some jobs carry still go on. Here I'm waiting for pack leader to finish cleaning the chicken coop. I have to be ready - you never know when a bark might be needed.

Finally everything has turned back to colour and I take a little stroll in my lake.

Then I met up with Chip at my Happy Place. Only Isla is missing. I heard that she's not been well. I hope she'll be able to enjoy our company again soon.

Rosie xxx


Pack leader says I've been naughty...

I can't help it, what else is there to do while I'm waiting in the car?

Yes, I do own the sofa!

Rosie xxx