This blog follows the adventures of Rosie,
our first puppy, as she gets up to mischief of one kind or another...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Errant teenager?

These last few days have involved Rosie pushing those boundaries. She is nearly 6 months old and is trying it on. We have managed some lovely walks such as Radley Lakes, where we saw the swans appear from the morning mist.

Yesterday, I noticed this lovely shrub while trudging through the undergrowth. I took the road less travelled as I was trying to stop Rosie saying hello to the bicycles on the cycle path. At the moment Rosie averages 2.5 seconds between gulps as she attempts to eat unsuitable things. The walk back home included poo of unknown variety, probably fox, an old biro, Kit Kat wrapper and half a mature current bun. I managed successfully to steer her away from an old banana that has been on someone's lawn for at least 3 weeks now. She's had her eye on it but I'm still one step ahead...just.

This morning we enjoyed a walk with friends across a field. Rosie showing off her autumnal colours. She is enjoying playing a game of coming close to sniff whatever treat I have but not close enough to be put back on the lead. It is very frustrating and a cause of concern and much wasted time, usually while waiting in the rain. The other day it was worse because she found half a tennis ball and thought I was going to take it from her. Thankfully, Rosie is fickle and is happy to talk to other dog owners she knows and they have been helping me to catch her!

Unfortunately, while the field was good for four legged friends, it was not so good for two legged people, especially in wellies! At least I got a good workout!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rosie's ode to cheese

A Contribution from Rosie

Oh how I worship you!
The house of flavoursome fungus.
You moulded mass of pleasure
Coagulated casein divine

For you I will do anything
As your melting milky texture
secret spice and sweetness
Silkily fill my senses

O purveyor of the glorious goods
For you, I will return, as long as
You acknowledge that I am the Big Cheese
-        addict


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Seasonal changes

 How wonderful it is to have the dog as I have an excuse to appreciate the beauty of nature. I know it sounds mushy but look at take a look for yourself.

Early morning by the canal

An early misty, murky morning near the lakes. There was a large fox running through the undergrowth here. Of course Rosie rolled in fox poo!

But the view was gorgeous

Although some of us had other things on our minds.

Of course some mornings aren't so lovely...especially after the rain. I nearly lost a welly boot in the mud that morning, and discovered that my waterproof  - isn't. The good thing is that there comes a point when you can't get any wetter. I'd still like a proper waterproof for Christmas, though...

I would not have discovered half of these places if it wasn't for my friends.
 Here's Isla, one of Rosie's special friends.

They like each other so much that the didn't fight over the stick - much.

The evening walks are also good, usually just Rosie and I alone. Apart from the mild anxiety that she won't come back to be put on the lead (she can manage a launch for a treat and jump away at remarkable speed), we have a fun time. She is changing from being a small puppy to a young lady, getting a bit more mischievous and disobedient, especially on sofa jumping.

Look at these gorgeous colours - no they are not photo-shopped.

Behind every cloud...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

When Rosie met Chip - again

When Rosie met Chip at his house, they had a party. Apparently the tree will survive, despite root damage. I don't know if it's Chip leading Rosie astray but I somehow think it may be the other way round...