This blog follows the adventures of Rosie,
our first puppy, as she gets up to mischief of one kind or another...

Monday, 14 January 2013

First Snow!

Yes! I've got full use of my paws! Everything is better now, freedom! Yippee! I can tackle anything... that is one big bird!

I don't know what this white stuff is, but it's really cold, and fun, but where have all the good smells gone? Maybe over here?
 Or this way?

I don't know, I'll just follow my friend Isla.

White stuff

Playing with my Friend! She likes the white stuff too!

 Back home for a rest on Pack Leaders lovely cushion in her office.

Rosie xxx   

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A sad tale

This is the tale of hurt paw. On Christmas day I came back from my walk and my paw was bleeding. It was not fun. Even though I licked it, there was no improvement. It was so bad that my packleader took me to the V-E-T. They had to operate....

I am now sporting a beautiful festive bandage that is quite tasty but I'm not allowed to lick it. I've had a few bandages already. The dark blue one I ate and it was replaced with the green one. They put cinnamon anti lick strips on but I got rid of those sharpish with my teeth.

You can see it under my Beckham boot. This boot looks cool but it wasn't waterproof (I could have told my packleader that). So the green bandage was replaced with the red one.

Meantime, whenever I try to start licking my foot better they put me in this thing...the cone of shame. Hopefully only 5 more days to go. In the meantime, I've been walking the streets on a can they do this to me!

Rosie x

It's a bug's life

Sad bug

Rosie x

A new walk

 Hooray! We managed an amazing (muddy) walk in a new place. It started with trees
 So I had to chase Chip, Isla and Bonnie who came with me.
 Then we reached a big old tree
 then this area where the ground fell down below us. My packleaders' friends said it used to be a quarry.

There were strange plants I've never seen before

and rocky bits I climbed on with Chip
It was great to have everyone with us.
Bonnie even got a chance to look like a sheepdog on the Scottish Highlands.

Another good walk. Well done packleader.

Rosie x

water is still everywhere

 In the lead up to Christmas, things have been busy. I took my packleaders for a walk to Radley lakes. It was lovely, I got to bark at the bird that hissed at me...
 Then I showed my packleaders the correct way to go but as usual they thought they knew better. I'm still convinced that this direction had the best smells. Still you have to let these humans have their way...
 If you look carefully, you can see what is left of the signpost. Things are definitely still very wet under paw.
 I did see these odd things, but they didn't smell good.

We've had all weathers but mostly wet

This is the bridle path but the lake has spilled out a bit.
 The sign says danger deep water!
They weren't wrong...