This blog follows the adventures of Rosie,
our first puppy, as she gets up to mischief of one kind or another...

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Best behaviour?

Rosie and I have been on some gorgeous walks in the last few days. Rosie is rarely more happy than when she is having a good sniff.

Although sharing a walk with friends is even better. Here Chip is whispering sweet nothings to Rosie.
Here they are again, Chip admiring the swans in the distance while Rosie does her usual thing of eating rubbish. Can you believe that wet dog is really Rosie?
Hooray, the Dog with No Name has found her new name: Isla. She is growing less timid with time, having recently been rescued by her new adoring family, she is just finding her way.

So what of Rosie's behaviour? Has she been good?


"Chew on the sofa? What me? Never!"

Rosie wins the sock game

Helping with the gardening

   And again...

Now I know Rosie is a clever dog, look at what she's written with sticks! She did go over to her water bowl after writing this.

Here she is again, but don't let the innocent chewing on a plastic lid fool you, the evidence of cabin fever is all around.

But at the end of the day, all is forgotten as we walk  into the sunset, heading for home.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Friendship Fun

Rosie has always been very sociable and confident, playing with everyone at puppy class, dog and person alike. She does have some special friends, including Chip, the distinguished gentleman lurcher and The Dog with No Name across the road.

Rosie has been making some progress her recall is sometimes good

I keep hearing the Roobarb and Custard music in my head as she bounds across the grass, ears flying..

The beginning

Rosie was a pretty puppy at three weeks with dark blue eyes and a splodge on her nose, paws and the tip of her tail. I tried to be strong but I could not resist her cuteness.

At 8 weeks she came home and from then on our house has been turned upside down. I had read lots of books but nothing prepared me for Rosie. She was so cute but at the same time bonkers, she discovered grass for the first time in our garden and teared around like a wild thing. Our downstairs bathroom became a time out zone.

Rosie has her own version of Reduce Reuse and Recycle..this was my paper recycling pile.

Rosie also likes barking at the dog reflected in the pond, or on the glass doors.

That is closely followed by her favourite act of chewing. Here you can see what is left of her first bed.

This was superseded by the box...hooray for Lakeland!

Now she has a new bed...but not for long

There is nothing better than a good chew...skirting boards, table legs, shoes...they are all great but nothing is as good as socks...sockalicious!