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Wednesday, 4 September 2013


It's been a long hot summer, so I decided to take my pack on holiday to Dorset (my friend Chip said it was lovely there). Thankfully my pack understood that I wanted to have good accommodation. Here I am in my temporary garden.

The only problem is that it sometimes got too hot but I amused myself with rolling in the shade.

I did find it good to cool off in the local stream and got to be quite popular with the locals but I preferred to have my own space in the water.

 I took my pack to see Hardy's Birthplace...I saw a few birds and lots of green stuff and had to wait while they all took it in turns to go into the house. It was such a long wait!

The next day I showed them my preferred activity...jumping into the sea!

I managed to get very good at swimming...I'll be back. Chip was right. Dorset was great.

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